Family Violence Recognition Lab

Early recognition and secondary prevention for family violence (including especially child abuse, intimate partner violence, and elder abuse) depends on emergency clinicians. In partnership with the Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, our lab studies recognition and care for families dealing with violence. Our focus is making care more effective, fair, safe, and reliable.

Our work focuses on:
  • Fast MRI: to improve recognition and understanding of pediatric traumatic brain injury 
  • Overlapping family violence: to determine the best methods to improve safety for people living with violence and abuse
  • Injury detection in child physical abuse: including fractures, abdominal injuries, poisonings, brain injuries and eye injuries.
  • Multi-center networks of child abuse pediatricians: including “Using Liver Transaminases to Recognize Abuse [ULTRA]; Examining Siblings To Recognize Abuse [ExSTRA]; and CAPNET

The Lab is the home of CAPNET – an NIH funded national network dedicated to improving the care provided by child abuse pediatricians.

Our Team

Picture of Dan Lindberg

Daniel Lindberg, MD
Emergency Medicine

Picture of Kathleen Adelgais

Kathleen Adelgais, MD, MPH/MSPH
Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Picture of Ligia Batista-Silverman

Ligia Batista-Silverman
Program Coordinator

Picture of Elizabeth Bloemen

Elizabeth Bloemen
Elder Maltreatment Researcher

Picture of Antonia Chiesa

Antonia Chiesa, MD
Child Abuse Pediatrics Researcher 

Picture of Joe Grubenhoff

Joe Grubenhoff, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine 

Picture of Terri Lewis

Terri Lewis, PhD
Child Maltreatment Researcher 

Picture of Angie Miller

Angie Miller, MD
Pediatric Radiology 

Picture of David Mirsky

David Mirsky, MD
Pediatric Radiology 

Picture of Rebecca Orsi

Rebecca Orsi, PhD
Child Protection Researcher 

Picture of Nicholas Stence

Nicholas Stence, MD
Pediatric Radiology 

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In the News

$1.5M NIH Grant Awarded to Study Child Abuse