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Picture of Sean KeenanPrehospital Trauma BrewTalkPicture of Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman

From Africa to Afghanistan: Austere Prehospital Care

June 24th 630-730 PM

At the Lowry Beer Garden Party Deck, COL (retired) Dr. Sean Keenan and Dr. Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman shared their experiences with Prehospital care around the world.

All were Welcome! Nurses, doctors, PAs, students, residents, attendings, paramedics, and anyone interested in prehospital care.

Free food, one free drink, and casual dress.

Picture of Firearm Suicide Prevention Summit

National Firearm Suicide Prevention Summit

7 JUNE 2022 - The Center for COmbat Medicine and BATtlefield (COMBAT) Research co-hosted a national Firearm Suicide Prevention Summit with Dr. Emmy Betz and the CU Anschutz Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative at the CU Anschutz Campus. The summit brought together military and civilian subject matter experts, researchers, and other leaders from around the country to share research and discuss strategies for addressing and preventing firearm suicide in the military. One of the primary focuses was research, education, and messaging around safe firearm storage. In attendance was Major General Michael Keating, the deputy commanding general of III Armored Corps, US Army, who emphasized the importance of bringing together all branches of the military and academic researchers to address the issue. The summit facilitated meaningful discussion and collaboration between all stakeholders on important ways to tackle one of the toughest challenges in our military community (read the full article here).

Picture of Firearm Suicide Prevention Summit
Picture of Firearm Suicide Prevention Summit

Picture of Katherine Simonson

Brigadier General Katherine Simonson Site Visit

18-19 MAY 2022 – The Center for COmbat Medicine and BATtlefield (COMBAT) Research was honored to host Brigadier General Katherine Simonson for a site visit at CU Anschutz. BG Simonson is the Deputy Assistant Director of Research and Engineering at the Defense Health Agency (DHA). During her visit she delivered a Department of Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds presentation sponsored by the Center for COMBAT Research titled “Take the Hard Jobs: Growth and Opportunity in the Military Health System.” A signing ceremony was also held for the Educational Partnership Agreement between CU and the DHA, an important collaboration between military personnel and CU which will facilitate joint research, internships and mentoring, and ongoing relationships with DHA experts (full article here).

BG Simonson met with colleagues at COMBAT, including Drs. Vikhyat Bebarta, (Brig. Gen.) Kathleen Flarity, Anne Libby, Adit Ginde, Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman, and Mitch Cohen, to discuss DOD gaps and future collaborative research and education efforts. She also had conversations with key University leadership, including Chancellor Donald Elliman, Vice Chancellor Thomas Flaig, and Dean John J. Reilly, to discuss the future collaborative relationship between CU Anschutz and the DHA. BG Simonson also toured the CU Anschutz campus including the Center for Health AI, CU Innovations, Center for Bioengineering, the Vivarium, and the Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE).

Picture of CU and the DHA Signing Ceremony
Picture of BG Simonson Visit

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