poster session shot from above 35th Annual Student Research Forum Virtual

Monday January 11, 2021
Session 1: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Session 2: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

The School of Medicine and Undergraduate Medical Education are excited to offer the 35th Annual Research Forum Poster Presentation Session in an online format, to give the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus an opportunity to share its research. Learn from students in the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, Graduate School, Colorado School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Student presenters will be evaluated by faculty. 

How To Attend The Research Forum

  1. Find the student project of interest in the table below
  2. Click the link to view the poster and abstract
  3. Click zoom link to interact with presenter
  4. Complete the judge scoring form

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Schedule For Virtual (Zoom) Poster Presentations

The times provided below are showing when poster presenters will be available in their individual zoom rooms to present their poster, and to answer your questions. All posters will be available the entire day until 5pm. 

  1. Session 1: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm 
  2. Session 2: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 
  3. Session 3: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Call for abstract is currently closed as of December 14, 2020.

Call for Faculty Judges

Judges for the poster presentation sessions are needed!  

Please join the 35th Annual Student Research Forum for a day of research poster presentations. It is only with faculty such as yourself, that we are able to provide this opportunity for AMC students to share their scholarly work with faculty experts and fellow students in the academic health sciences community.

Faculty and Post-doc Judges: Faculty and post-docs interested in judging should fill out the Research Forum Faculty Judge Registration Form.

For questions, please contact Dr. Allan Prochazka or Zachary Lundquist at
Poster NumbersPresentingPresenting CollegeTitle CategoryAbstract LinkPoster LinkZoom LinkJudge Scoring Form
1Jason NadeauMedicineAnalysis of Postoperative Gait, Hip Strength, and Patient Reported Outcomes Following Unstable Pelvic Ring Fractures

Bone or SkeletalNadeau AbstractNadeau PosterNadeau ZoomForm
2Karli SwensonGraduateKir2.1 Potassium Channels and Bone Morphogenic Protein in Craniofacial Development.

Bone or Skeletal

Swenson Abstract

Swenson Poster

Swenson Zoom

5Austin JollyGraduateHDAC9 and Brg1 are Implicated in Pathological Vascular Remodeling

Jolly Abstract

Jolly Poster
Jolly Zoom

6Katherine KisslerNursingHierarchical Linear Model for Uterine Activity in Women with Obesity and Augmented LaborChild-Maternal Health and Reproductive ServicesKissler AbstractKissler PosterKissler ZoomForm
7Andrew HullGraduateThe Virtual Folding Embryo: The Efficacy of Virtual Resources in Anatomy Education

Hull Abstract

Hull Poster

Hull Zoom

8Genna BonfiglioMedicineThe Sars-CoV-2 Pandemic’s Impact on USMLE Testing: Student Perspectives
EducationBonfiglio AbstractBonfiglio PosterBonfiglio ZoomForm

Joseph Fuchs, Andrew Tannous


MedicineAn Innovative Approach to Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication Among Dental Students


Fuch Abstract

Fuch Poster

Tannous ZoomForm

Karima Hamamsy
Alexandra Lauren

MedicineDevelopment of a Novel Curriculum in Motivational Interviewing for Medical Students in an Elective and Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship.

EducationHamamsy AbstractHamamsy PosterLauren ZoomForm
11Alexander LinseMedicineDocs on TikTok: The Benefits and Risks Physicians Experience on Social Media

Healthcare and Public Linse AbstractLinse Poster

Linse ZoomForm
13Amber ManiatesGraduateCompleting Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Forms in Persons with Advanced Cancer During HospitalizationHealthcare and Public Health

Maniates Abstract

Maniates Poster

Maniates Zoom

14Carlee KreiselPublic HealthRural Veterans of ColorHealthcare and Public HealthKreisel AbstractKreisel PosterKreisel ZoomForm
15Jeffrey WongMedicineNeurologic Health of Sexual and Gender Minorities: A Scoping Review
Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Adult

Wong Abstract

Wong PosterWong Zoom

16Gabriela SantosPublic HealthEvaluation of the Medical Legal Partnership Colorado
Healthcare and Public HealthSantos AbstractSantos PosterSantos ZoomForm
18Elizabeth Ko,
Garth Wright
PharmacyAn Evaluation of Adult Cancer-Related Neuropathic Pain Treatment at a Large Academic Medical Center
Hematology and Oncology

Ko Abstract

Ko Poster

Wright Zoom

20Lorraine DavisGraduateThe Ikaros Axis is Heterogeneously Expressed in Multiple Myeloma Subpopulations and Does Not Drive IMiD Resistance
Hematology and Oncology

Davis Abstract

Davis Poster

Davis Zoom

21Corey Walsh, Carley LittleMedicineQualitative Definitions of LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity in the Colorado Healthcare Environment
Humanities and Bioethics
Walsh Abstract 1Walsh Poster 1Little ZoomForm
23Katherine PembertonMedicineThe Med/Mid Writing Project: Medical students and middle school students document experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic
Humanities and BioethicsPemberton AbstractPemberton PosterPemberton ZoomForm
26Erin LucasGraduateProgrammed death ligand 1 reverse signaling in dermal dendritic cells promotes dendritic cell migration required for skin immunity.Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases

Lucas Abstract

Lucas PosterLucas Zoom

27Stephanie DeVoeGraduateComputational Modeling of T Cell Receptor Interaction Geometry

Immunology and Autoimmune DiseasesDeVoe AbstractDeVoe PosterDeVoe ZoomForm
28Alexandra TheisGraduateGroucho co-repressor proteins regulate β cell development and proliferation by repressing Foxa1 in the developing pancreas

Metabolism and Endocrinology

Theis AbstractTheis Poster 

Theis Zoom

30Stefanie SchwabUniversity of Colorado DenverCharacterizing Altered Protein Acetylation in Diabetic Nephropathy
Metabolism and EndocrinologySchwab Abstract
Schwab Poster

Schwab Zoom

31Cydney JohnsonGraduatePlasmid carriage restricts lytic phage infection of Enterococcus faecalisMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesJohnson Abstract
Johnson PosterJohnson ZoomForm
32Jennifer FouquierGraduateThe Effects of an Agrarian Diet Intervention on Inflammation and Gut Microbiome Composition in HIV-Infected Individuals in Colorado
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Fouquier Abstract

Fouqier Poster

Fouquier Zoom

33Lawand KamalPharmacyThird-Generation Cephalosporins Versus Carbapenems for Empiric Treatment of Enterobacter spp., Serratia spp., Citrobacter spp., or Morganella morganii InfectionsMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesKamal AbstractKamal PosterKamal ZoomForm
35William MundoMedicineLower mortality associated with adjuvant corticosteroid therapy in non-HIV infected patients with pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia: a single US cohort study and a proposed novel mechanism of corticosteroid benefitMicrobiology and Infectious Diseases

Mundo AbstractMundo PosterPresenter UnavailableForm
39Ryan LuskGraduateAptardi accurately incorporates expressed polyadenylation sites into sample-specific transcriptomes by combining high throughput RNA sequencing and DNA sequenceOtherLusk AbstractLusk PosterLusk ZoomForm
40Dylan BergstedtMedicine“Give an Impromptu Lecture about Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis”: Using Fellows’ Performance on a Pediatric Rheumatology Objective Structured Slinical Examination Scenario to Improve Future Examinations

Bergstedt Abstract
Bergstedt Poster
Bergstedt Zoom

41Sara AmaralPharmacyDescription of Acute and Chronic Prescribed Headache Therapy in Patients with an Emergency Department Visits for MigraineOtherAmaral AbstractAmaral PosterAmaral ZoomForm
42Tessa ZangaraMedicine

Thinking Outside the Cardiac Box: Anchoring in an Elderly Patient with Multiple Visits for Orthopnea


Zangara Abstract

Zangara Poster

Presenter Unavailable

44Caterina Zagona-PrizioMedicine"Emergent Cricothyrotomy Training for Non-Surgeons
Zagona-Prizio C (MD candidate at CUSOM), Maloney JP, Pascoe MA, Mayer K, Mann S"
Pulmonary and Critical Care

Prizio Abstract

Prizio Poster

Prizio Zoom

51Anne StrongMedicine"Risk of Refractive Error after Cataract Surgery in Thyroid Eye Disease. AD Strong (BA), JL Patnaik (PhD), M Ackerman (MPH), K Christopher (MD), A Lynch (MD, MSPH), JK Singh (MD). 
Department of Ophthalmology, University of Colorado School of Medicine"
Vision SciencesStrong AbstractStrong Poster

Strong ZoomForm
52Clarinda HougenMedicinePeptain-1 blocks ischemia/reperfusion-induced retinal capillary degeneration in miceVision Sciences

Hougen Abstract
Hougen Poster

Hougen Zoom



Poster NumbersPresentingPresenting CollegeTitle CategoryAbstract LinkPoster LinkZoom LinkJudge Scoring Form
55John Schutz
Pediatric Proximal Phalanx Base Fractures in Fingers: Identifying the Need for Surgical ManagementBone or Skeletal

Schutz Abstract

Schutz PosterSchutz ZoomForm
56Katherine Drexelius

Analysis of radiographic parameters reveals differences in outcomes when comparing patient-specific short rod constructs to conventional rods
Bone or Skeletal

Drexelius Abstract

Drexelius Poster

Drexelius Zoom

58Anne Strong
MedicineClinical utility of electroretinograms for evaluating vigabatrin toxicity in children
Vision SciencesStrong Abstract
Strong PosterStrong ZoomForm
62Evelyn Llerena Cari, John Rushing, Elise Bales

Llerena Cari Abstract
Llerena Cari Poster

Bales Zoom

63Haylie Petrick
MedicineComparison of Maternity Care Outcomes Among Rural Colorado Hospitals Using Birth Certificate DataChild-Maternal Health and Reproductive ServicesPetrick Abstract

Petrick PosterPetrick ZoomForm
64Michael Nash
GraduateMaternal Western-style Diet Exposure Increases Oxidative Stress in the Absence of Inflammation and Triggers Persistent Collagen Formation in Non-human Primate Fetal Livers.Child-Maternal Health and Reproductive ServicesNash Abstract

Nash Poster

Nash Zoom

66Tessa Hennesy
MedicineVisual and Somatosensory Cross-modal Reorganization in Children with Cochlear Implants 
Developmental Neuroscience & Brain and Behavior – ChildHennesy Abstract

Hennesy PosterHennesy ZoomForm
68Zachary Horwitz
MedicineSacral Level Spina Bifida Plantar Pressure AnalysisHealthcare and Public HealthHorwitz AbstractHorwitz PosterHorwitz Zoom

69Corey Walsh
MedicinePatterns of Healthcare Access and Utilization Among Non-Urban Transgender and Nonbinary Patients at a Large Safety Net Health System in ColoradoHealthcare and Public HealthWalsh Abstract 2Walsh Poster 2Walsh ZoomForm
70Erin Hirsch
GraduateDeterminants associated with longitudinal adherence to annual lung cancer screening: a retrospective analysis of claims dataHealthcare and Public HealthHirsch Abstract

Hirsch Poster

Hirsch Zoom

71Heami Yi
MedicineEmergency Contraception Access in a Historic Southern City: Mystery Caller Study in Birmingham, AlabamaHealthcare and Public HealthYi AbstractYi PosterYi ZoomForm
72Jacalyn Luchsinger
NursingReadmissions and Observation Stays in the U.S. – Systematic Review of LiteratureHealthcare and Public HealthLuchsinger Abstract

Luchsinger Poster

Luchsinger Zoom

73Mika Hamer
Public HealthThe Effect of Medicare Prevention Benefit Expansion on Cancer Detection and MortalityHealthcare and Public HealthHamer AbstractHamer PosterHamer ZoomForm
75Hannah Hicks
GraduateThe Role of an Invasive Phenotype in Promoting Resistance to MAPK-Directed Therapies in Thyroid Cancer

Hematology and Oncology

Hicks Abstract

Hicks Poster
Hicks Zoom

77Meghan KellettGraduateInvestigating nuclear Focal Adhesion Kinase in thyroid cancer.Hematology and OncologyKellett AbstractKellett PosterKellett ZoomForm
78Rachel Culp-Hill
GraduateFatty acid metabolism and desaturation in the pathogenesis of leukemic stem cells in Acute Myeloid LeukemiaHematology and OncologyCulp-Hill Abstract

Culp-Hill Poster

Hill Zoom

79Scott TildenGraduateInduction of Endothelial Tightening to Limit Off-Target Deposition of Nanomedicines. SG Tilden, (Ph.D., GS) TJ Anchordoquy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus.Hematology and OncologyTilden AbstractTilden PosterTilden ZoomForm
80Dylan Bergstedt
MedicineCombinations of Autoantibodies Improve the Prediction of Timing of Onset of Future Rheumatoid ArthritisImmunology and Autoimmune Diseases

Bergstedt AbstractBergstedt Poster
Bergstedt Zoom

82Lan ChenGraduateA novel nickel-recognizing human T cell receptor activation independent of antigen presenting cells.Immunology and Autoimmune DiseasesChen AbstractChen PosterChen ZoomForm
83Keisha Alexander
PharmacyEvaluation of Sex on RBC Storage Hemolysis: Considerations for Transfusion MedicineMetabolism and EndocrinologyAlexander Abstract

Alexander Poster

Alexander Zoom

84Andrea PrinziGraduateThe Pediatric Endotracheal Aspirate Culture Survey (PETACS): Examining Practice Variability Across Pediatric Microbiology Laboratories in the United StatesMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesPrinzi AbstractPrinzi PosterPresenter unavailableForm
85Crystal Kim

PharmacyPiperacillin/tazobactam versus Cefepime for Empiric Treatment of ampC Beta-lactamase EnterobacteriaceaeMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesKim Abstract

Kim Poster

Kim Zoom

86Isabel FernandezMedicineTriple Threat: A case of Bubonic, Septicemic, and Pneumonic Plague Through Feline TransmissionMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesFernandez AbstractFernandez PosterFernandez ZoomForm
87Morgan Brown
GraduateThe Ubiquitous Colonizer Staphylococcus hominis Protects Host Skin from Opportunistic Staphylococcal Pathogens by Blocking Quorum Sensing.Microbiology and Infectious DiseasesBrown AbstractBrown PosterBrown Zoom

89Emily WolvertonMedicineHIPAA-Compliant Group Messaging Use Guidelines In Large Academic Medical CentersHealthcare and Public HealthWolverton AbstractWolverton PosterWolverton ZoomForm
90Joshua Garcia
GraduateInvestigating the mechanistic and temporal regulation of inhibitory synapse elimination during cerebral ischemia.Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Adult
Garcia Abstract

Garcia Poster

Garcia Zoom

91Sarah DaleyNursingThe Effects of Exercise on Stress and Depression and Associated Quality of Life Changes in Cancer SurvivorsNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - AdultDaley AbstractDaley PosterDaley ZoomForm
92Dillon Boulton
GraduateA Novel Role for MIRO2 in Autophagy.OtherBoulton Abstract

Boulton Poster

Boulton Zoom

93Kerith EarlixNursingUnpacking Characteristics of Spirituality: Through the Lens of Persons of Color Living with Serious IllnessOtherEarlix AbstractEarlix PosterEarlix ZoomForm
94Nicholas Mendola
PharmacyStakeholder Perception of Pharmaceutical Value: A Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Educational Case Study for Value Assessment in the United StatesOtherMendola Abstract

Mendola Poster
Mendola Zoom

95Rita Chandki, Weng LeongDentistryBifid Mandibular Canal in Children- A Literature Review and Report of Four CasesOtherChandki AbstractChandki PosterLeong ZoomForm
96Tiffany Callahan
GraduateOntologizing Health Systems Data At Scale: Making Translational Discovery A RealityOtherCallahan Abstract

Callahan Poster

Callahan Zoom

97Joanna DukesPharmacyQuantification of QTc Prolongation Due to Antimicrobial ExposurePharmacology and PhysiologyDukes AbstractDukes PosterDukes ZoomForm
99Anastasiya Trizno
MedicineThe Effect of Nail Diameter to Medullary Canal Ratio in Pediatric Forearm Fractures Treated with Intramedullary NailingSurgery
Trizno Abstract

Trizno Poster
Trizno Zoom

103Jerry YangMedicineChoosing Between Mastectomy and Breast Conserving Therapy: Is Patient Distress an Influencing Factor?SurgeryYang AbstractYang PosterYang ZoomForm
104Tessa Zangara
MedicineEpidemiology and Outcomes of NSTI: A Population-Based Incidence Study of California Hospitalizations in 2016SurgeryZangara Abstract

Zangara Poster

Presenter Unavailable

105Yaswanth ChintaluruMedicineOutcomes of Gene therapy and Subsequent Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease treatmentSurgeryChintaluru AbstractChintaluru PosterChintaluru ZoomForm
107Geoffrey MarkowitzMedicineMedication Errors in Pediatric Patients After Implementation of a Field Guide With Volume Based DosingHealthcare and Public HealthMarkowitz AbstractMarkowitz PosterMarkowitz ZoomForm


Poster NumbersPresentingPresenting CollegeTitle CategoryAbstract LinkPoster LinkZoom LinkJudge Scoring Form
3Evan Cornish, Boris StepanyukMedicineEvaluating middle school students’ understanding and emotional outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic.EducationCornish AbstractCornish PosterCornish ZoomForm
4Alex Hoffner-HeinikeMedicine
Electromechanical discoordination is present in patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy independent of tissue fibrosis.

CardiovascularHoffner-Heinike AbstractHoffner-Heinike PosterPresenter UnavailableForm
12Alla YousifMedicineAssessing Barriers Among HIV, Substance Use Disorder, and Trans Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Healthcare and Public Health
Yousif AbstractYousif PosterYousif ZoomForm
19Emily WangMedicineHistone Demethylase KDM4B: A Novel Epigenetic Target in Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT)
Hematology and OncologyWang AbstractWang PosterWang ZoomForm
22Jessica SaifeeMedicine"An Ethical Case Study Concerning a Patient with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Enrolling in an Expanded Access ProgramHumanities and Bioethics

Saifee Abstract

Saifee Poster

Saifee Zoom

24Ani OganesyanMedicineThe Minor Protective Allele at rs1876453 is Associated with Increased Age of Onset of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases

Oganesyan AbstractOganesyan Poster

Oganesyan ZoomForm
25Emmeline KimMedicinePlatelet/Lymphocyte Ratio: A Potential Biomarker for Disease Activity in Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Immunology and Autoimmune DiseasesKim AbstractKim PosterKim ZoomForm
29Dana YabroudiMedicine"Effect Of One Month Exposure To Components Of The Reprometabolic Syndrome On Physical Activity And Body Composition In Lean Women
Authors: Dana F. Yabroudi, MD Candidate. SOM, Katherine Kuhn, Amanda Allshouse, Andrew Bradford, Irene Schauer, Wendy Kohrt, Angela J. Fought, Shannon Pretzel, Nanette F. Santoro. University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO. :"
Metabolism and EndocrinologyYabroudi Abstract
Yabroudi PosterYabroudi ZoomForm
34Omar SamaraMedicineCytokine and Cytokine Antagonist Levels in Healthy Individuals and in Sepsis: An Etiology and Risk Systematic Review Protocol
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Samara Abstract

Samara Poster

Samara Zoom

36Boston GublerMedicineCharacteristics of Electronic and Paper Questionnaire Users in an Academic Memory ClinicNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Adult

Gubler Abstract

Gubler Poster

Gubler Zoom

37Nicholas ClelandMedicineNovel Methodology For Probing Microglial Metabolism In SituNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - AdultCleland AbstractCleland PosterCleland ZoomForm
38Matt PaulsonMedicineA descriptive analysis of battlefield first responder and combat lifesaver interventions during the Role 1 phase of care

Paulson AbstractPaulson PosterPaulson ZoomForm
43Wesley TranMedicineThe Personal and Financial Wellbeing of Withdrawn Medical Students who obtain a Master of Medical ScienceOtherTran AbstractTran PosterTran ZoomForm
45Kisha ThayapranMedicineProstacyclin Analog Treprostinil Enhances Neonatal Rat Lung Endothelial Cell Growth And Angiogenesis In VitroPulmonary and Critical CareThayapran AbstractThayapran PosterThayapran ZoomForm
46Alexis GerkMedicineIncidence and Impact of Contrast-enhanced Fluoroscopic Studies to Evaluate Gastrostomy-button Complications in Pediatric Patients

Gerk Abstract

Gerk Poster

Gerk Zoom

47Ivana VasicMedicineGalectin-3 as a Potential Biomarker for Liver Regeneration and Transplant OutcomesSurgeryVasic AbstractVasic PosterVasic ZoomForm
48Sterling LeeMedicineOpioid prescribing practices for at-risk pediatric populations undergoing ambulatory surgery
SurgeryLee Abstract

Lee Poster

Lee Zoom

49Zihan FengMedicineOpen Chest Duration Following Congenital Cardiac Surgery Increases Risk for Surgical Site InfectionSurgeryFeng AbstractFeng PosterFeng ZoomForm
50Violette SimonMedicineValidation of Orthopedic Hip Fracture Data from the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Database
Bone or Skeletal

Simon Abstract

Simon Poster

Simon Zoom

53Quy TatMedicineGlucocorticoid Use to Prevent the Progression of Thyroid Eye Disease during Radioactive Iodine Treatment in a Pediatric CohortVision SciencesTat AbstractTat PosterFormTat Zoom
54Brionna SandridgeMedicineOutcomes of Initial Conservative Treatment in Adolescent Patients with Stable Osteochondritis Dissecans of the ElbowBone or SkeletalSandridge AbstractSandridge PosterSandridge ZoomForm
57Lexie RossMedicine
Epidemiology of Lower Extremity Injuries in Collegiate Student-Athletes: Insights from the Pac-12 Health Analytics Program.Bone or Skeletal

Ross AbstractRoss PosterRoss ZoomForm
59Alexander CullenMedicineRefined Methods for Transcriptome Analysis in CardiomyopathyCardiovascularCullen AbstractCullen PosterCullen ZoomForm
60Michal SchäferMedicineBromocriptine Improves Central Aortic Stiffness in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Arterial Health Results from the BCQR-T1D StudyCardiovascularSchäfer AbstractSchäfer PosterSchäfer ZoomForm
61Shea ClaflinMedicineCardiac Sarcoidosis: A Resonating DiagnosisCardiovascularClaflin AbstractClaflin PosterClaflin ZoomForm
65Tara TrujilloMedicineLearning Types during Interpretation Bias Training to Treat IrritabilityDevelopmental Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Child

Trujillo AbstractTrujillo PosterTrujillo ZoomForm
67Salman AshrafMedicineTherapeutic Approaches to Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain SyndromeOtherAshraf AbstractAshraf PosterAshraf ZoomForm
74Caitlin RitzMedicineCDK8-Mediator complex plays positive transcriptional role in MYC-amplified medulloblastomaHematology and Oncology

Ritz AbstractRitz PosterRitz ZoomForm
76Laura SchubertMedicineEGFR, ERBB2 and ERBB4 fusions are recurrent alterations in multiple cancer typesHematology and OncologySchubert AbstractSchubert PosterSchubert ZoomForm
81Kseniya AnishchenkoMedicineClinical Characteristics of Late-Onset Spondyloarthritides.Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases

Anishchenko AbstractAnishchenko PosterAnishchenko ZoomForm
88Shilpa TummalaMedicineBacterial Meningitis and Pediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the PCV13 EraMicrobiology and Infectious DiseasesTummala AbstractTummala PosterTummala ZoomForm
98Jin HuangMedicineStress Related Disorders in Family Members of COVID-19 Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care UnitPulmonary and Critical Care

Huang AbstractHuang PosterHuang ZoomForm
100Carly FarrMedicineAssociation Between Infection Risk and Prophylactic Antibiotic Use in Trauma Patients with Blunt and Penetrating Facial FracturesSurgeryFarr AbstractFarr PosterFarr ZoomForm
101Clay HoffmanMedicineMassive Pulmonary Embolism with Cardiac Arrest During Routine Tibial Bypass SurgerySurgery

Hoffman AbstractHoffman PosterHoffman ZoomForm
102Jeremy Ansah-TwumMedicineBiomechanical Comparison of Knotted Transosseous Equivalent Versus Speed-Bridge Rotator Cuff Repair Techniques: A Systematic ReviewSurgeryAnsah-Twum AbstractAnsah-Twum PosterTwum ZoomForm
106Richard TranMedicineAscorbic Acid Attenuates Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Oxidative Stress and Osteoblasts Demonstrate Antioxidant Recycling PotentialVision SciencesTran AbstractTran PosterTran ZoomForm