Fund 35 Requests

School of Medicine Fund 35 speedtypes allow for investment in many different initiatives focused on further developing the mission areas, including Education, Research, Patient Care and Community Outreach. While the primary source of Fund 35 funding comes from the School of Medicine Dean’s Office, via Academic Enrichment Fund investment, Fund 35 initiatives also represent investments from departments and affiliate partners.

Definitions and Distinguishing Notes

For a detailed listing of Fund 35 types and definitions, please see Fund 35 Types and Definitions.

For information on Fund 35 intramural funding external use and indirect costs allowability, please refer to SOM Intramural Funding.

Required Information

List of items needed to successfully complete Fund 35 speedtype request form.

  • Backup documentation (i.e. Award letter, commitment approval email, Letter of Offer)
  • Funding Department org number
  • Project start and end dates
  • Parent speedtype, if creating sub-account
  • Budget amount – including distribution of budget ($xxx,xxx over x number of years)
  • Recipient (awardee/PI) org number
  • Fiscal Staff names, EIDs and position numbers.​

Project/Speedtype Title Naming Convention

For a list of Fund 35 title naming conventions, please see Project/Speedtype Naming Convention.

Speedtype Setup

To request a new speedtype, please complete the Fund 35 Speedtype request form​. This new online request form replaces the old Excel form used to request Fund 35 speedtypes.


To request changes or have questions, please email​