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Who are Clinical Faculty?

Clinical faculty include healthcare practitioners or other professionals who perform volunteer teaching, research or clinical services, and those whose paid appointments are less than 0.5 FTE. Clinical faculty are governed under separate LCME standards and are granted the ranks of Clinical Instructor, Senior Clinical Instructor, Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor, or Distinguished Clinical Professor. Unless they demonstrate accomplishments in teaching or mentoring, research or national health care activities at the time their association with the School of Medicine begins, members of the clinical faculty should begin at the rank of Clinical Instructor, Senior Clinical Instructor or Assistant Clinical Professor, depending upon the degree of experience they have accumulated subsequent to completion of their professional training.

Clinical Faculty include primary care providers and specialists working in hospitals, clinics and private practices throughout the entire state of Colorado. Community-based clinical faculty members play a critical role in the school’s undergraduate medical curriculum; they serve as preceptors for students in their offices, teach communication and physical diagnosis courses, and provide unique contributions to the School of Medicine's academic mission as a result of their practical experience and diversity of opinion. Members of the clinical faculty also serve on important departmental and school-wide committees and contribute in countless other ways to the educational and clinical care programs within the School of Medicine.