Faculty Development

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is dedicated to providing training and development for our teachers who welcome our students into their practices.

Training Videos

Bias and Upstander Training

Understand and mitigate bias in medical education through a case-based workshop and learn strategies to support peers and students when they are victims of bias or discrimination 

View LIC Bias Upstander PDF

Virtual Teaching and Telehealth

How to support students learning in a virtual clinical environment and improve your own clinical care by telehealth

View Precepting & Telehealth-CUAME PDF

Trek 101

An overview of the School of Medicine including key policies, personnel, resources, student assessment, and curricular overview

View Trek 101 PDF

Student Documentation

Rules for supporting students to write billable notes and comply with CMS regulations

View MS Documentation PDF

Teaching Your LIC Student 101

Teaching and learning in the LIC model, expectations for preceptors and students, student learning trajectory across the LIC year

View LIC teaching 101 PDF

Time Efficient Precepting

Tips and tricks for maximizing efficiency while working with an LIC student

View Time Efficient Precepting PDF

Assessment and Feedback

Grading and assessments in the LIC model, providing effective feedback to students

View Assessment and Feedback- LIC Faculty Developement PDF

Effective Clinical Teaching Strategies in an LIC 201

Learning goals, supporting autonomy and patient follow up, integrating students onto teams

View Effective Precepting 201 PDF

LIC Patient Panels

Continuity and longitudinal learning, student patient panels

View Patient Panel 101 PDF

Inclusive Learning Environment

Define inclusivity and describe strategies to create an inclusive learning environment

View Inclusive Learning Environment PDF