Tissue Biobanking and Histology Shared Resource

The Tissue Biobanking and Histology Shared Resource (TBHSR) supports cancer research by ensuring investigators have access to high quality tissue and body fluid specimens annotated with appropriate clinicopathologic and outcomes data. The TBPSR provides services in three main areas 1) procurement, processing, archiving, and distribution of fresh and formalin-fixed tissues and body fluids, 2) specimen characterization, quality control, and linkage with pathological and clinical annotation, 3) auxiliary services including histology, immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray construction, laser capture microdissection (LCM), and computer-assisted imaging/image analysis. The TBHSR is designed to support the biospecimen handling requirements of any local or multi-institutional research study, biobanking, or clinical trial with full integration into the OnCore Clinical Trial Management System. TBHSR also supports histology efforts in primary research with standardized processing procedures and customizable staining protocols. 

The TBHSR is a division of the larger University of Colorado Biorepository Core Facility. The Biorepository Core Facility has dedicated space for the freezer archive with 100 freezer bays and separate space for the formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue archive that incorporates the surgical pathology archive containing specimens from diagnostic and surgical procedures. Incorporated Histology, LCM and imaging sub-cores are equipped with a Sakura VIP6 Tissue Processor, Leica H&E Autostainer, Ventana XT Immunostainer, Arcturus XT LCM instrument with IF and UV capabilities and Aperio Scanscope AT2


The TBHSR provides personnel and expertise for biospecimen collection, processing and distribution; laser capture micro dissection (LCM); creation of tissue microarrays, and imaging and image analysis platforms. 

The facility has more than 12,000 square feet of total workspace with 100 freezer bays and is fully equipped with an Arcturus XT LCM instrument with IF and UV capabilities, three Beecher Tissue Arrayers, an Aperio XT and two Syncroscopy tissue imaging systems and supporting computer systems.


To procure, process and store human tissues and body fluid specimens using customized, quality controlled, and documented best practice procedures and to provide these biospecimens, properly triaged for individual research project needs and CU Cancer Center investigators to meet the objectives of their research. 

To perform special processing techniques on archival tissue specimens including laser capture micro dissection (LCM) and creation of tissue microarrays (TMAs) as needed to meet the objectives of member projects. 

To provide computer assisted imaging/image analysis with pathological annotation of tissue samples in collaboration with the Molecular Pathology Shared Resource (MPSR) to assist investigators with non-biased interpretation of morphological or immunohistochemical data. 

To maintain a comprehensive, prospective and interactive database with detailed de-identified clinical and pathologic data in collaboration with Research Informatics Shared Resource.