Before starting an experiment:

Please contact Katrina Diener to set up an initial consult


Consultation Services

We are happy to provide consultation services to aid in the experimental planning and grant application process. We can assist with budgeting, provide guidance, and connect you with the informatic resources on campus.


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing Services:

Sequencing services are available for the Illumina MiSEQ, NextSEQ, and the NovaSEQ6000 platforms. MiSEQ and NextSEQ runs are full flow cells. NovaSEQ sequencing can be purchased as whole flow-cell, whole-lane, or in multiples of 20 million paired-end seas per bar code.


NextGen Library Prep Services

We offer a variety of library prep services including: polyA, mRNA, Ribo-Depleted total RNA, MiRNA, Chip DNA, DNA, WGS, Exome, Amplicon, Methylation, targeted panels, ATAC FFPE libraries. We also offer Single-cell library prep with the 10x Genomics Platform. Single cell library types include mRNA, ATAC, CNV, VDJ, CITE-SEQ, cell hashing, and spacial transriptomics. Low-input and degraded sample library construction can be discussed.


DNA Mircroarray Analysis

We currently support 2 platforms for microarray analysis: Affymetrix Gene Chip System and Illumina iScan System. The applications covered by these array platforms are Gene expression profiling, Transcriptome analysis, SNO discovery and Structural Variation, DNA-protein interaction, Methylation analysis, Small RNA discovery, and cytogenetic analysis.