Mehdi Fini, MD


Developmental Therapeutics, Drug Delivery, Cell Growth, Death and Senescence, Tumor Progression, invasion and metastasis, Cancer Chemoprevention


Pulmonary Medicine, Medical Oncology, Aging and Cancer


Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Program Objective

To determine the beneficial effects of aerosolized lung delivery of safe anti-cancer drug candidate as a tool for lung cancer prevention in a mouse model of lung cancer. To determine the antitumor effects and also potential beneficial effects of novel combination chemotherapy in reducing the toxicity of conventional cancer drugs especially in aging mice.

Program Description

Many traditional cancer drugs have been used alone to treat lung and breast cancer, but unfortunately they have produced very little improvement. Based on these failures, it appears that effective treatment of these types of cancers will require combination therapy with multiple agents. However, the use of multiple agents often increases systemic toxicity.

In this project the students will have the opportunity to test the chemopreventive and anti-cancer effects of different drug combinations against different human lung and breast cancer cell lines and animal model when those drugs are combined with novel formulations and delivery route. They will also have the opportunity to investigate if these combinations would reduce the common side effects of the conventional cancer drugs.

Contact Info

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