Regional Network of Care

Living in rural Colorado has its advantages—land that goes on for miles, clean air and no traffic. However, the disadvantages can often outweigh the advantages. With limited access to health care, many rural Coloradans will drive for miles just to see an oncologist.

At the University of Colorado Cancer Center, we’re bringing access to quality cancer care to Coloradans in Grand Junction, Alamosa, Glenwood Springs, Montrose and Vail/Edwards through our Community Engagement Program.

Since 1985, we’ve been flying doctors whose specialties range from oncology to neurosurgery and cardiology to rural hospitals in order to bring specialty care and access to clinical trials to patients who wouldn’t get it otherwise. Many of our partner medical centers cannot afford to employ specialists full time so we bring ours to them.

In cases where standard therapies have been exhausted or a higher level of care is needed, a full time coordinator is dedicated to assisting with patient referrals to the University of Colorado Hospital our adult cancer care partner in Aurora, Colo.