The Ludeman Center's Early-Career Faculty Research Development Awards, or seed grants, jump-start ideas and help researchers build careers in women's health and sex and gender differences research. Our funding, mentoring, trainings, networking and biostatistical support make it possible for early-career researchers to obtain crucial pilot data and become independent investigators, effectively positioning them to secure future funding.

The one-year seed grants are awarded annually through peer-review to exceptional faculty members and fellows conducting research focused on women's health or sex and gender differences in the underlying mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment or management of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or the intersection of physical and mental health. Each seed grant is typically $25,000, with $50,000 grants periodically awarded for multi-disciplinary research projects.

All awardees become part of the Ludeman Center's researcher network with ample opportunity for interaction, participation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Awardees especially benefit from career development mentoring by the Ludeman Center's faculty leadership , support in translating research and communicating findings to professional and lay audiences, and tailored trainings on academic skills and career advancement.

Applications are due June 9, 2023 by 5pm MT. 

Meet Our 2022 Seed Grant Awardees

Aubrey Armento, MD, CAQSM, FAAP Menstrual Profiles and Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Female Adolescent Athletes with and without Menstrual Irregularities

Ann E. Caldwell, PhD - Effects of Controlled Energy Restriction on Pituitary Function and Psychological Stress in Normal Weight Women and Women with Obesity

Kelly Fuller, PhD - Sex Differences and the Role of Estrogen Receptor in the Hepatic Metabolic Response to Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Mice

Anna Jovanovich, MD, & Kerrie Moreau, PhD - Sex Hormones and Vascular Endothelial Function in Women and Men with Chronic Kidney Disease

Jayne Martin Carli, PhD - Harnessing Cells from Human Milk: Linking Lactation to Body Weight

Ester Oh, PhD - MicroRNAs and Metabolites as Therapeutic Targets for Cardiovascular Disease in Women with Chronic Kidney Disease

Brisa Peña, PhD - Investigating Sex Differences in Heart Failure by Correlating Direct Measurement of Heart-Failure Tissue Mechanisms with Fibrotic Gene Expression

Laura Wiley, PhD - EmPoW-HER: Equitable Phenotyping for Women's HEalth Research

Eileen Chang, PhD* - Novel Flow Cytometry Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Proliferation, Differentiation, and Maturation in the Growth Restricted Female Fetus

*Jacqueline Leaffer Wish for the Heart Award Winner*