Facilitating the advancement of personalized medicine 



Translational Informatics Services (TIS) is an operational unit within the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine that works with genetic data generated by the CCPM Biobank and its industry partners under contract. 

The mission of TIS is to make genetic data generated from Biobank participants available for approved research and clinical use to create informatics tools for work with genetic data, to provide analytics services and education, and to perform translational research.


Research and Operational Services. TIS develops and maintains a pipeline for the return of genetic results for clinical use, performs quality control and analysis of genotype data, runs genome-wide and phenome-wide association studies, and works closely with the Access to Biobank Committee (ABC) to deliver data and analytic results to investigators throughout the University of Colorado and UCHealth networks. TIS also provides informatics support for CCPM industry partnerships. 


Dissemination of knowledge. The Colorado Biobank Engine (CBE) is a CCPM/TIS flagship application currently in development, which will provide access to the results of genetic association studies generated for ~1200 phenotypes and ~34,000 Biobank participants.


Innovation. TIS closely collaborates with other CCPM units to identify and explore clinically relevant questions that can be answered using Biobank genetic data and the clinical data in Health Data Compass.