CCPM Biobank Data Overview

About the Biobank


Established in 2014, the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) brings together multiple disciplines and institutions to facilitate advancements in genomics that can improve diagnosis and treatment of disease, and to identify tailored approaches to population health management. In order to expedite discoveries in personalized medicine, the CCPM has created a Biobank that aims to be the largest academic medicine biospecimen repository in the Mountain and Midwest regions of the USA. In addition to biospecimen research, the CCPM Biobank harnesses patient health information from electronic medical records in an enterprise data warehouse (Health Data Compass) to support a broad range of research and clinical quality improvement missions. 



To enroll into the Biobank research study, University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) system patients are invited to consent to participate in the Biobank. The Biobank receives blood samples from consented subjects during a routine clinical blood draw. DNA is then extracted from the donated blood sample and subsequently undergoes microarray genotyping using a customInfinium Multi-Ethnic Global Array SNP chip (MEGA, Illumina, Inc.) including over 1.7 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Processed genotype data are then imputed to the TOPMed server to include an additional 50 million SNPs of interest.  

Available Resources


The Biobank offers various genetic, clinical, and bioinformatic resources to investigators and contracted industry partners. 

  • Clinical data - procedures, labs, and diagnoses of interest that can be paired with other Biobank resources 
  • Genetic data - raw genotype data, imputed genotype data, and/or the delivery genotype calls of specific SNPs or regions of interest 
  • Genetic analysis - Genotype counts, allele frequencies, genome-wide association studies, and the development of custom analysis pipelines 
  • Biological specimens - DNA 
  • participant recontact - passive self-selection approach, or active targeted approach


To learn how to gain access to Biobank resources, email the Access to Biobank Committee at 


TIS Services


TIS is an operational unit within CCPM that provides access to the data collected from the Biobank participants and offers bioinformatic services to CU Anschutz investigators and CCPM/Biobank clients. 

To learn more about TIS services and how to gain access, click here.