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Weir Biomechatronics Development Laboratory

Lab Publications

Below you will find all of the publications from studies completed by this lab. You can search the database by the title, key words in the abstract, and/or the authors.

If there is an online version of the publication, clicking on the article title will take you there. If there is not an online resource yet, clicking on the article title will show you the full citation for the publication.


Optical vagus nerve modulation of heart and respiration via heart injected retrograde AAV

Fontaine, A. K., Futia, G. L., Rajendran, P. S., Littich, S. F., Mizoguchi, N., Shivkumar, K., Ardell, J. L., Restrepo, D., Caldwell, J. H., Gibson, E. A. & Weir, R. F. ff.

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