Weir Biomechatronics Development Laboratory

Specializing in prosthetic limb systems at the CU Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus

Innovating Prosthetic Limb Systems

The Weir Biomechatronics Development Laboratory strives to develop better prosthetic limb systems by conducting research in fields ranging from 3D metal printing to optogenetics. We believe that finding solutions requires pushing the bounds of technology and creativity every day.  Our goal is to practically apply our knowledge to give back independence and confidence to people who use prosthetic limbs.​

Fitting 3D metal fingers to user's needs

Designing new postural control systems

Assembling 3D printed steel prosthetic fingers

Researching novel optogenetic nerve interfaces

Developing miniature motor controllers

Collaborating to build better prostheses

Research Areas

Learn more about each of our research areas by clicking on the components of the interactive diagram below. 


Neuro Engineering Mini Symposium

A. Bolu Ajiboye gives talk on BCI technologies for spinal cord injuries and stroke!

Passed Comp Exam!

Tom DosSantos DiSorbo passed his comp exam in December 2023!

SfN 2023

Tyler Currie and Kathryn Mirandette presented at SfN 2023 in DC!

2023 VA Research Day

Amber Bollinger placed 2nd in the Poster Competition at the 2023 VA Research Day!

Passed Comp Exam!

Michael O'Donnell passed his comp exam in September 2023!

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