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The latest news

Updated Feb 25, 2021

  • Steve Bonilla has been named an HHMI Hannah Gray Fellow. Congratulations!
  • Quentin Vicens is co-PI on an awarded NIH R21 grant. Congratulations!
  • Matt Szucs was named an RNA BioScience Initiative Scholar and has been awarded an NIH F31 fellowship. Congratulations!
  • Jillian Ramos has arrived in the lab as a post-doc, having completed her PhD at the University of Rochester in the lab of Dragony Fu. Welcome!
  • Anna-Lena Steckelberg has departed and is starting her own lab at Columbia University as an Asst. Professor. Good luck!

​Coming up

Updated Feb 25, 2021

  • Mar 14, 11am: Dept. Friday Research talk (Kieft Lab member)
  • Apr 21, noon: Research in Progress (Parker Nichols and Conner Langeberg)
  • Apr 28, 9am: Research in Progress (Matt Szucs)
  • May 19, 11am: Dept. Friday Research talk (Kieft Lab member)


Hot off the press (or soon to be)

Updated Jan 5, 2021

Peer Reviewed:

*Steckelberg, A.-L., *Vicens, Q., Costantino, D.A., Nix, J.C., Kieft, J.S. (2020) The crystal structure of a Polerovirus exoribonuclease-resistant RNA shows how diverse sequences are integrated into a conserved fold. RNA 26, 1767-1776.  *These authors contributed equally

Szucs, M.J., Jones, R.A., Vicens, Q., Kieft, J.S. (2020) A new subclass of exoribonuclease resistant RNA found in multiple Flaviviridae genera. mBio, 11(5):e02352-20. doi: 10.1128/mBio.02352-20.

Sherlock, M.E., Hartwick, E.W., Kieft, J.S. (2021) Structural diversity and phylogenetic distribution of valyl tRNA-like structures in viruses. RNA 27, 27-39.

Jones, R.A., Steckelberg, A.-L., Szucs, M.J., Akiyama, B.M., Vicens, Q., & Kieft, J.S. (2021) Different tertiary interactions create the same important 3-D features in divergent flavivirus xrRNAs. RNA 27, 54-65.

Nichols, P.J., Bevers, S., Henen, M., Kieft, J.S., *Vicens, Q., *Vogeli, B. (2021) Recognition of non-CpG repeats in Alu and ribosomal RNAs by the Z-RNA binding domain of ADAR1 induces AZ junctions. Nature Communications 12, 793-  *Joint corresponding authors

Preprints (in review/revision):

Langeberg, C.J., Sherlock, M.E., MacFadden, A., Kieft, J.S. An expanded class of histidine-accepting viral rRNA-like structures. bioRxiv 2020.12.02.408831; doi:

Eiler, D.R., Wimberly, B.T., Bilodeau, D.Y., Rissland, O.R., Kieft, J.S. The Giardia lamblia ribosome structure reveals divergences in translation and  quality control pathways. bioRxiv 2020.09.30.321331; doi: 

Akiyama, B.M., Graham, M.E. O'Donoghue, Z., Beckham, J.D., Kieft, J.S. Three-dimensional structure of a flavivirus dumbbell RNA revelas molecular details of an RNA regulator of replication. bioRxiv 2020.09.17.300806; doi: 

Bonilla, S., Sherlock, M.E., MacFadden, A. Kieft, J.S. A structured viral RNA uses molecular mimicry and conformational dynamics to coordinate multiple functions. bioRxiv 2020.09.18.302638; doi: