Advisor Pro

Advisor Pro is a software designed to assist your healthcare professional to analyze your data and advise the optimal insulin treatment plan. Advisor Pro is available to BDC Patients through a partnership with Dreamed Diabetes. For more information about Dreamed Advisor Pro, visit

Advisor Pro How it Works

If after speaking with your provider or educator, you decide that Advisor Pro is a good choice for you, we will need some basic information to get you enrolled. We will then set up a Tidepool account—to upload devices—and an Advisor Pro account for you. You will receive emails from both platforms to claim your accounts.

Getting Started with Advisor Pro:

  1. Complete the sign-up form
  2. Wait to receive your new Tidepool and Advisor Pro accounts and complete the account set-up.
  3. Upload your devices to Tidepool
  4. Link your Dexcom to Advisor Pro
  5. Contact your provider or educator to request a dosing update when ready.

See the Advisor Pro Resources tab for helpful resources and guides.

If you have any questions, please contact your educator or email

Frequently Asked Questions