Herson Lab

PacoHerson1Paco S. Herson, PhD

Primary Appointment: Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Anesthesiology
Secondary Appointment: Professor, Pharmacology


  • BS, University of California, San Diego
  • PhD, Pharmacology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Vollum Institute, Portland, OR

Contact Information

Mail Stop 8130
12801 E. 17th Avenue, room L18-4106
Aurora, CO 80045
Telephone: (303) 724-6628
Email: paco.herson@cuanschutz.edu

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Research Interests

Brain ischemia, trauma and neurodegeneration.

Research Description












My laboratory studies cognitive dysfunction in various disease states. Our laboratory uses several animal models of brain injury to model ischemic stroke, global cerebral ischemia and traumatic brain injury with a focus on long-term functional outcomes. By combining in vivo animal models of ischemic/traumatic brain injury, neurophysiology, neurobe​havioral, histological and molecular approaches we hope to identify targets to improve functional outcome after an insult to the brain. In light of inability to translate acute neuroprotection to the clinic, we are excited by recent studies in our laboratory demonstrating the ability of delayed treatments to reverse network dysfunction following brain injury. Specific molecular targets currently being investigated include the calcium-permeable ion channel TRPM2, GABAA receptors and BDNF.

Our research is funded by the Department of Defense and NIH research grants from NINDS and NIGMS.


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