Research Groups

Our center is the home for several groups that conduct high quality research on various topics related to medicine and biology. Below is a (growing) list of labs and their lead members that contribute to the center's mission for advancing medicinal research.


Melissa Haendel

  • Biochemistry (SOM)

Melissa's vision is to fundamentally alter the fabric of biomedical science, utilizing her art as a data translator to weave together healthcare systems, basic science research, and patients; through development of data integration technologies, innovative communication strategies, and collaborative education and outreach. Her demonstrated success in leadership of cross-disciplinary international teams, development of applications used for rare disease diagnostics, implementation of platforms and tools for translational research, and open and reproducible science will serve her and the community at large to effect real change.



Administration and Operations


Audrey Wen

Director of Finance & Administration


Michelle Fiandra

Business and HR Coordinator


Carlos Rodriguez

Business Operations Manager



Software and IT


Vincent Rubinetti

Frontend Developer and UI/UX Designer


Faisal Alquaddoomi

Backend / Fullstack Developer