Research Products


Health Indicators Story Map - Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS)​

Grant: Multiple Funders



HPV Vaccine Toolkit​

Grant: R01CA18770​


Conducting Centralized Reminder/Recall: Using an Immunization Information System

A How-To Guide

​Grant: 1R18HS022648-01, R01AI114903, R01CA187707​



Engaging Parents and Stakeh​olders in Patient-Centered Pediatric Research and Research Agenda Setting: A Guide for Practice-Based Research Networks​​

Grant: EA-1300-UCD​


Standard of Compensation: For Researchers​

This standard for compensating youth, family, and patient partners is useful for research teams who have committed to engaging stakeholders as research team members but do not have a good guide to help them budget appropriately. This guide standardizes the compensation, reimbursement, and budgeting for all aspects of engaging youth, family, and patient partners by discussing levels of engagement, research cycle budgeting, a sample budget, and a step-by-step method for determining reimbursement during the research cycle. This guide can also be found at

Grant: UA6MC31101


Standard of Compensation: For Youth and Family Partners​

This guide standardizes compensation and reimbursement for youth and family partners who are engaged as members of a research team. It helps youth and families understand how compensation may be determined by the principal investigator, what expenses are eligible for reimbursement, roles and responsibilities that may be assigned, and presents a glossary of research terms that youth and family partners should become familiar with. The guide also helps youth and family partners be proactive in advocating for appropriate orientation to the project that they work on.​ This guide can also be found at​


Grant: UA6MC31101