Oral Health 

​Title: ​​SMILES Evaluation Program
PI: Katina Widmer-Racich, MA
Summary: The overarching goal of the SMILES Dental Project is to have telehealth-connected dental teams working in communities, keeping people healthy by providing education, preventive care, interim therapeutic restorations, triage, and case management. SMILES Dental Project will connect patients with dentists through the dental-hub clinic when more complex dental treatment is needed. The goals of implementing the SMILES Dental Project are to ensure that underserved and high-risk Colorado children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and vulnerable seniors have access to preventive services and a dental home, reach Coloradans that are either unable to, or do not, access the current system of dental care within the traditional dental office , expand the oral health infrastructure to provide services and education in the most appropriate community setting, strengthen Colorado’s oral health workforce by expanding the scope of care a dental hygienist is licensed to perform.
Funder: CFC
Award Number: 20163732
Project Period: 11/01/2015-04/30/2019​​
Title: ​​Evaluation of Dental Hygenist Co-location 2.0 Program
Summary: The ACCORDS research team recruits, assists, trains, and supports medical staff using a co-location model for dental hygenists. The program is supported by the Cavity Free by Three oral health and prevention model.
Funder: DDCOF
Project Period: 10/01/2014-03/31/2019​