Research Areas

Although not inclusive, listed below are some areas of research depth at ACCORDS and funded projects within each area.

  • Immunization delivery and vaccine hesitancy (routine and COVID-19 focus)
  • Health care for children/adults with medically complex/multiple chronic conditions
  • Shared decision-making and decision aids
  • Integrated primary and behavioral health care
  • Surgical outcomes
  • Mobile/digital health and informatics clinical interventions
  • Practice-based transformation
  • Disparities in health care outcomes and health care receipt
  • Health care delivery for children with asthma (community and school interventions, adherence)
  • Prevention and treatment of obesity (childhood, maternal, adult)
  • Home-visiting interventions to reduce health disparities and improve maternal and child health outcomes
  • Interventions to promote breastfeeding
  • Assessing and intervening on social determinants of health
  • Mental health interventions for children
  • Cancer prevention and survivorship
  • Diabetes treatment in primary care settings
  • Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • De-implementation of ineffective treatments in clinical practice