Context and Adaptation in Dissemination & Implementation Research (CLSC 7663)

Overview This course covers concepts, frameworks, and methods for understanding and assessing the context and guiding adaptations as relevant to dissemination and implementation (D&I) health research and practice.
Instructor Christina Studts, PhD, MSPH, LCSW, and Borsika Rabin, PhD, MPH, PharmD
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Semester Spring
Format Fully online, using a combination of real-time video conferences and self-guided study
Capacity 15 students
Semester Hours 2
Key Topics Topics include the importance of context and key multilevel contextual factors such as policy, history, and organizational climate; types of adaptations (cultural, local); how to conceptualize and assess both context and adaptations; selected tools for D&I research and practice; and emerging and future issues related to context and adaptation.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND COMPETENCIES | The course addresses a number of beginner and intermediate Dissemination and Implementation Science competencies.1,2 By the end of this course, learners will:
-    Develop understanding and skills for assessing multi-level and contextual issues in dissemination and implementation research
-    Learn to assess, guide, and balance adaptations with fidelity
-      Learn to adapt interventions, implementation strategies, and research methods to low resource settings and populations
-      Recognize the role of dissemination and implementation science in advancing health equity
This course also addresses select Clinical Sciences Program (CLSC) competencies, including learning to:
  Critically appraise existing literature and sources of information
  Apply evidence-based practice principals
  Provide constructive reviews and feedback to colleagues
  Demonstrate effective communication and leadership skills
  Apply and use appropriate study designs and methods to address research questions/hypotheses
1Padek et al. Implementation Science, 2015 and 2Tabak et al. Am J Prev Med, 2017
EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS | CLSC 7653 Introduction to D&I Research in Health is a prerequisite. Interested students who have not completed CLSC 7653 should contact the course directors to discuss the appropriateness of the course. Students are required to attend classes, complete all assignments, and participate in discussions. This course is reading-intensive; students are expected to read all assigned materials prior to class and be ready to discuss these on Canvas and during class.
ASSIGNMENTS | Evaluation is based on weekly written reflections on assigned readings; five written assignments addressing context, fit, and adaptations to evidence-based interventions; presentation of a research case study; and class attendance and participation.