D&I Program Meetings

November 2022:

November 15, 2022

Russ Glasgow, PhD 

Thinking about implementation strategies related to sustainment

Amy Tyler, MD 

D&I for Implementers

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November 1, 2022

Sonja OLeary, MD 

The rise of rapid implementation: a worked example of solving an existing problem with a new method by combining concept analysis with a systematic integrative review

Tina Studts PhD, MSPH, MSW 

Promises and pitfalls in implementation science from the perspective of US‑based researchers: learning from a pre‑mortem

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October 2022:

October 18, 2022

Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano 

Communicating and disseminating research findings to study participants: Formative assessment of participant and researcher expectations and preferences

Noy Phimphasone-Brady & Justin Shrader

Website walk-through and areas of expertise discussion

Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH, FSBM 

Discussion on NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research input request on scientific priorities

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October 4, 2022: 

Mónica Pérez Jolles PhD, MA 

Understanding Implementation Research Collaborations from a Co-Creation Lens: Recommendations for a Path Forward

Vinaya Manchaiah AuD, PhD, MBA           

Internet Interventions for Tinnitus

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September 2022:

September 22, 2022: 

Cindy Blair

Comparing, Contrasting, and Integrating Dissemination and Implementation Outcomes Included in the RE-AIM and Implementation Outcomes Frameworks

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August 2022:

August 16, 2022: Anna Maw

FAST Manuscript Discussion

                            Kamal Henderson & Meredith Fort

Equitable CVD Prevention in Denver: Group Model Building

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August 2, 2022: Hillary Lum, MD, PhD 

Building aging and cancer infrastructure (R21/R33)

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July 2022:

July 19, 2022: Abby King, PhD & Nikki Wagner 

Leveraging Community-Engaged Citizen Science to Advance Health Equity & Environmental Justice 

                      Heather Gilmartin, PhD, NP

Relational Interventions to Support High Reliability: Ideas from the VA Built to Learn Study

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June 2022: 

June 21, 2022: Dr. Hillary Lum & Kate Ytell

Co-Creation of COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging with Home Health Partners

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June 7, 2022: Perry Dickinson, MD

Practice Transformation Support to Implement New Evidence-Based Interventions and Advanced Primary Care Models

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PPT slides: Practice Transformation_PerryDickinson_06.07.22


May 2022:

May 3, 2022: Mary Buller, MA, President & David Buller, PhD, Senior Scientist & Director of Research 

Potential of SBIR/STTR Funding for D&I Research

Read more about their research and technology firm, Klein Buendel, located in Golden, CO by visiting their website:  

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April 2022:

April 5, 2022: Evan Plys & Mustafa Ozkaynak (DISCO)

Building Resilience In Skilled nursing facilities“ (BRISK): Development and Pilot Testing of a Dyadic Intervention for Psychological Distress in Post-Acute Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing Homes Patient Saftey Learning Lab (NuHoPS L2)

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March 2022:

March 15, 2022: Russ Glasgow, Bethany Kwan, Amy Huebschmann

Discussion of annual report on ACCORDS D&I Science program

Draft aims for web based primary prevention grant

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February 2022:

February 15, 2022: Jason Hoppe

"NIDA Data2action Implementation Outcomes-Grant Proposal"

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February 1, 2022: Russell Glasgow

"Article review on new outcomes for CFIR"

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January 2022:

January 18, 2022: Jodi Holtrop, Katy Trinkley, Amy Tyler, and Dan Matlock

"How can D&I inform eventual project success?"

"WIP: Shared decision making and cardiology – response to RO1 critiques"    

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January 11, 2022:  

"D&I Science: Optimizing Care for Older Adults (DISCO)"

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January 04, 2022: Ross Brownson, PhD 

"What does effectiveness mean in D&I"

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November 2021:

November 30, 2021: Amy Huebschmann, MD 

"Considerations for selecting implementation strategies - our experiences to date with the NHLBI DECIPHeR project"

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November 02, 2021: Carol Brown, PhD. 

"Assessing research participant preferences for receiving study results"

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October 2021:

October 26, 2021: Jason Hoppe, DO, FACEP.

"The Learning Healthcare Systems and Cardiovascular Care"

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October 19, 2021: Mustafa Ozkaynak, PhD.

"Decision centered design in healthcare"

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October 12, 2021: Marie Masotya, MPH.

"Tracking Implementation Strategies"

**no video due to technical issues**

October 5, 2021: Heidi Sjoberg MSW, LCSW.

"Applying an equity lens to characterizing the process and reasons for an adaption to an evidence-based practice"

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